Curriculum Vitae
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• Registered Electrical Engineer, California License E 15115

• B.S., Electrical Engineering, California State University, Long Beach - 1968

• Electrical Contractor, California License #360584 C-10 - Since 1978

• Construction Arbitrator, California Contractors State License Board

• Member, The Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists

• Commercial Driver's License



1991 - PRESENT

Forensic Electrical Engineer


Experience encompasses: electrical safety for users and tradespersons; National Electrical Code (NEC) application; trade practices; grounding; electrically caused fires; power, alarm and control systems; automotive, machinery and appliance electro-mechanical; overhead line construction and clearances; temporary and emergency wiring and generation


Sample cases: Elevators; Construction equipment; Design defects; Circuit breaker panel and appliance fires; Utility lines: surges, tree trimming and clearances; Lightning; GFCI; Building Power Systems; Electrician and Consumer Shocks and Electrocutions; Swimming pools; Computer Controlled equipment; Rental equipment


Over 600 investigations, 20 depositions, 10 trials

50% Plaintiff – 50% Defense


1978 - 2001

Electrical Contractor

Palo Alto, CA

Design, material specification, installation and repair of all types of electrical systems for a wide variety of clients in commercial, industrial, municipal, military and residential environments



Damage Assessor

Federal Emergency Management Agency • Baton Rouge, LA


Damage assessment inspector for FEMA in the aftermath of Hurricane Andrew


1973 - 1978

Electrical & Facilities Project Engineer

Stanford University Medical Center • Palo Alto, CA


Designed, managed and inspected power, control and alarm systems for this ultra high tech facility that included: a 12kV substation, turbine/diesel emergency power, communications and paging center, fire and equipment alarms, uninterruptable power for heart transplants, laminar flow and biohazard isolation rooms, X-ray department relocation, and safety grounding in electrically susceptible patient areas (ICU and Surgery).  Provided engineering support for the Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air-Conditioning) maintenance shops


1971 - 1972

Project Engineer

MINICARS, Inc. • Goleta, CA


Project Engineer for this automobile crash test firm that performed research for the U.S. Department of Transportation.  Designed, built and operated the power, control and instrumentation systems for an air bag test sled facility.  Special equipment used included: custom magnetic and strip chart recorders, ultra high speed still and motion photography and, the accelerometers and strain gages installed in anthropomorphic dummies


1968 - 1970

Project Engineer / Commissioned Officer

Bureau of Radiological Health • Rockville, MD


Established emission and compliance standards, and conducted research on measurement of
low-level Electro-Magnetic radiation at the Government’s laboratory.  Performed tests at manufacturing plants and user facilities nationwide to assist the Bureau in enforcing its standards for safe emission levels from color televisions, medical x-ray equipment, lasers, microwave ovens and ultrasonic devices



The American Academy of Forensic Sciences


• Electrical System Factors in Jack London’s 1913 "Wolf House" Fire

• An Overview of the Status of Electro-Magnetic Field (EMF) Hazards

Properties of Materials Relevant to Forensic Electrical Engineering


The International Academy of Forensic Sciences


• Pyrolysis: Fires Caused by Slow Deterioration of Overheated Electrical Insulation


The Society of Forensic Engineers and Scientists


• Spoliation of Evidence in an Itinerant Farm Worker’s House Fire

• Flammability Tests of Overloaded House Wiring

• Girl’s Hand Burns While Connecting Clothes Iron

• Defective Product Design Considerations

• Analysis of an Unusual House Fire

• Control System Defects in Screw Auger Systems

• Potpourri of Power Line Contacts

• Plating Shop Fire, McClellan Air Force Base

• Broken Utility wire caused house fire

• Alarm wiring for “Floater” farm sprayer crash fatality


Electrical Construction and Maintenance Magazine


• 11 Articles about the Art and Science of Forensic Electrical Investigations





Fire Cause and Origin

Power Wiring and Circuits






National Electrical Code (NEC)

General Order 95


Electrician Trade Practice

Lock Out / Tag Out



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