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How do I retain your services?


California State law requires licensed engineers to have a written contract for all work performed. A letter from you stating the scope of work, the parties involved including the relevant insurance carriers and their contact information, including e-mails, phone numbers, and an agreement to abide by the terms of my published Schedule of Fees is deemed to comply with that requirement.


How can I obtain a copy of your CV and fees?


Click here for printable versions of: CV  |  Fees


Do you only deal with electrical issues?


I deal with all appropriate issues that may arise. An expert must opine within their area of expertise. Accidents, injuries and damage occur within a broad context of human activity and academic disciplines, therefore an expert best serves when they maintain a generalized contextual knowledge for their specialty.


Do you have "hands-on" experience?


As a hybrid-integrator, I have over 50 years of electrical, mechanical, building, welding, excavation, heavy equipment, plumbing and many other trade experiences to augment my theoretical knowledge and engineering endeavors.


Are you physically able to perform taxing investigations?


Through diet and regular exercise, I maintain the ability to do whatever is necessary to complete the investigation or inspection.


Will I need a separate photographer or illustrator?


No. I have the equipment and experience to provide still and motion pictures, captions, slow-motion, infrared analyses, PowerPoint presentations, etc.


Do you have a laboratory or shop for testing and demonstrations?


Yes. I maintain a large well-equipped shop and paved area available for testing, disassembly, photography and inspections.


Can a forensic engineer opine on overhead power line design without actually having designed them?


Sure. We all know how complicated the “grid” can seem when there is a wide area blackout. However, for most purposes of injury or damage the contact mechanisms are straightforward, and all the wiring is exposed. In such cases, the relatively simple circuitry and structural elements are easy to observe and critique by an engineer familiar with general power circuits.


Have you had training for testifying at depositions and trials?


Yes. I completed a workshop presented by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences.




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